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Brand Story

Our Promise


We promise to be a brand pioneering the Korean chicken industry by using high-power convection ovens to cook 100% locally sourced, fresh chicken without a single drop of oil! The prepped chicken will be used almost immediately, and we will make sure to be extremely thorough with our providers!

Quality Check

We promise to make sure not only the chicken, but all ingredients used in our foods are the highest quality ingredients we can find and turn into an affordable product. From supply to oven to your table, we guarantee that the food you feed your friends and family has not been tainted by cutting corners!

Customer Satisfaction

We promise to always try our best in catering our menu and services for our loyal customers! With the promises of fresh and high-quality products, we aim to become the best in not only food quality but in customer satisfaction as well!

Our Difference

Eat different, be different. Our cooking method of oven-roasting chicken without the use of any oil significantly lowers the amount of carbohydrates, trans fat, sodium, and calories that are normally found in fried chicken. So you get to enjoy all the amazing flavors of traditional Korean chicken without feeling guilty about it afterwards!


Trans fat




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‘Putting Ourselves in Another's Shoes’

We all want the best for our friends and families, and where better to start than with healthier food? Your family is our family, and your friends are our friends! Our products are made with these values in mind!


‘Becoming the NO.1 Korean Chicken Brand in the United States’



‘A Society that Benefits from One Another’

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