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About Goobne

With modern day customers and foodies seeking out delicious food with a healthier balance, Goobne Chicken has exploded in popularity internationally since its launch in 2005. Our products have less trans fats, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories when compared to other traditional Korean Chicken brands which usually are fried in oil. Still maintaining the crispy exterior and juicy interior that fried chicken fans love, Goobne Chicken captures the true flavors of chicken at its finest!

Our Beliefs

We believe that good memories start with delicious food, and that delicious food can also be healthy! We are constantly challenging ourselves to find more ways to make healthy delicious, and keep to our three core values; being healthy, original, and trendy!


Goobne Chicken is continually focusing on making lite food. Goobne oven-roasted chicken is healthier than fried chicken because of its lower trans fat and calories.


In comparison to other Korean chicken brands, Goobne chose oven-roasted chicken as its main menu item in order to differentiate itself. A new era in the history of Korean chicken brands began in 2005 with the launch of Goobne's "Goobne original."


Goobne Chicken always listens to our customers to bring their favorite taste to our brand. We like to keep our menu fresh and trendy to offer a wide variety of flavors.

Facts about Goobne


Launched 'Goobne' Brand

In March 2005, 'Goobne Original', which created the history of Oven roasted chicken, was born.


Total Stores

The first stores of Goobne were launched in 2007 in Gimpo-Si, South Korea.

In 2021, the total number of Korea Goobne stores was 1084.

Global Stores


5 stores in China

10 stores in Hong Kong

2 stores in Macao

6 stores in Japan

2 stores in Vietnam

2 stores in Malaysia

2 stores in Australia

2 stores in Indonesia

1 stores in Singapore

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